Breaking Plot

For the past two weeks, while you were in the formidable hands of A.C.Bernie, and the authors of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, I was high in the mountains of New Mexico, disassembling my stories and trying to build them back stronger and better than before.

the plot of the next novel - cool, huh?
the plot of the next novel – cool, huh?

One magic moment at Taos Toolbox was when four of us sat up late one night and broke apart the plot of my novel, then reconstructed it on index cards taped to the closet door of my room.

We added red cards for plot questions, then pulled them out when the question was answered.The next night we did the same for another student, and the third night, there were at least seven of us, crunching munchies and tossing plot questions to the author, who wove the results into an incredible new tapestry.  That was pretty sweet!

Many thanks to my fellow plot-breakers, Sara Mueller, Lauren Teffeau, Sandra Wickham, Cath Schaff-Stump, Chris East, Remus Shepherd, Lis Bass, and Rebecca Stephenson.

Thanks to Walter Jon Williams for our introduction to this fabulous tool.