When does your next book come out?

The Jewel and Her Lapidary is out from Tor.com Publishing in May 2016.

Cloudbound – a companion novel to Updraft – is scheduled to emerge from Tor Books in fall 2016.

My first book with Tor, Updraft, debuted in 2015.

Where can I read your work in the meantime?

I have short stories published online and in print in Asimov’s, Nature Magazine, the Impossible Futures Anthology, and more. Best bet is to visit my bibliography page, which I try to keep updated.

What’s your favorite color?



Blue herons. I love watching them fish and fly. I’m a big fan of squid and cuttlefish too.

Band? Book? Show?

Totally unfair questions. My favorites change a lot. My playlists are a mess of old and new alternative, slightly embarrassing pop, classical, electronic, sea chanteys, R&B/Rap, and blues. My bookshelves? Well a bunch of them are over here. Show? Firefly. Ok also The 100. And some cooking shows.

Do you go to conventions? Schools?

Yes, both. I’ve done many readings, talks, and panels at conventions, universities and schools, and even the Library of Congress.  I’ve taught writing at the high school level and in the Worldcon Writers’ Workshop. I hold an MFA in poetry and was a communications and interactive media professor at the college and graduate level. I am working with several schools already to set up skype visits. If you are an educator or librarian, please get in touch via my contact page.