Secret Messages: Cooking the Books with Lauren Teffeau

Author Lauren Teffeau’s Implanted debuted just before worldcon in San Jose, and she’s been journeying far and wide to talk about her high-tech science fiction novel.

(confession: Lauren keeps me and my hatch green chiles habit happy, plus I blurbed Implanted, so I’m a little biased about this book and this author. Both are fantastic.)

My co-host Aliette and I finally found time to sit down and talk with Lauren about all things near future — from food in dome cities to ways to stay motivated. We’re so glad you can join us, and stick around to enjoy Lauren’s recipe, below.

PS Keep an eye out for Lauren at Mile-High Con this October!

This month’s Cooking the Books Podcast, #040: Secret Messages: Cooking the Books with Lauren Teffeau contains:

  • training montages
  • brie quesadillas
  • more training montages and hidden cravings
  • ways to feed your writing
  • cooking and writing retreats
  • various opinions (good, accurate ones) about okra
  • shout outs to Kelly Lagor, science columnist, to the Critical Mass writers group, and to writing groups everywhere.
  • And much more.

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(Thanks as always to our friend Paul Weimer who helps clean up the CtB kitchen after we destroy it…)